Zane Van Dusen

Crapshot Snapshot

To download a Quicktime file of this video click here (3.4 mB)
Snapshot Crapshot is a piece of software that creates pulsating videos composed entirely of images from the Internet, created with Max/MSP/Jitter and Java. The software starts at a user supplied URL and uses the following algorithm to create a video
  1. Download the web page at the specified URL
  2. Parse the web page for a random image
  3. Download the image
  4. Add the image to the video
  5. Parse the web page for a random link
  6. Repeat the process with the new link's URL
The process repeats until the program hits a dead end, a loop or when the user clicks "Stop." The resulting video is a quick snapshot of the images that make up a website and its neighbors at that moment in time.