Zane Van Dusen

Poll Hack by Zane Van Dusen
Zane Van Dusen is a musician, curator, computer programmer, and all-around really cool guy from Brooklyn, NY. While he is usually in 4-5 bands at any given moment, he spends most of his time with MINDTROLL (a chaotic and catchy art-punk quartet) and Toys and Tiny Instruments (a pop/rock group that plays only toys and tiny instruments). He curates Slap Dash, a monthly mixed-media series in Brooklyn. In addition, he is the music director for the Chris Gethard Show, a bizarre late-night public access/Internet television program. By day, he is a mild-mannered computer programmer building regulatory software for investment banks.

In 2007, he developed the original prototype for the Adaptive Use Instrument project with Pauline Oliveros. The instrument allows students with Cerebral Palsy to play music despite their limited mobility.