Zane Van Dusen

Dostoevsky's Pistols

Band Photo
Band Members
  • Matt Culen - Electric Violine
  • Brittany Hamtil - French Horn
  • Ryan Jenkins - Electric Guitar
  • Steve Malinski - Baritone Saxophone
  • Kyle McDonald - Drums and Vocals
  • Peter Paggi - Accordion
  • Jason Rankins - Percussion
  • Drew Rajeazcewski - Euphonium
  • Dan Schaffer - Alto Saxophone
  • Zane Van Dusen - Bass

Running steadily at over 10 [nearing 20...] members, Dostoevsky's Pistols, led by Kyle McDonald, are an answer to the rise in 'gypsy-punk' bands, as coined by Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz. The Pistols further experiment with this blending of genres, splicing eastern european culture and music with punk, post rock, and dance music, resulting in a fresh, upbeat, totally fun experience.